Our Campaigns

  • Land is Life! is our campaign in defence of customary land in Melanesia. We investigate where aid funded land reform programs support a development process that favours Australian commercial interests. We have documented how such programs favour privatisation of land which privileges large scale tourism, logging and mining at the expense of Melanesian culture and the environment.

  • Undermining Development is an ongoing campaign we began in 2012 in response to Australian Aid’s Mining for Development Initiative (M4D). The objective of our campaign is to end the financing and promotion of Australian mining companies through the Australian aid program. We object to furthering Australian mining interests under the guide of sustainable development. We oppose subsidising the Extractives Industry through the use of aid money.

  • Where is Your Aid Money Going? is our campaign that calls for Australian commercial and security interests to be removed from the objective of the aid program. We actively monitor aid programs and financial data and respond publicly through the media and research as the key critical voice in Australia on foreign policy.

  • Trade/Watch is our campaign into the unequal nature of economic liberalisation and free trade policies which most often see larger, developed countries disproportionately benefit from trade agreements. This leaves developing countries having to endure stringent conditions that have a negative impact on people and the environment.

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